Our Number One Priority

At S&Y, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our employees. That is why before any S&Y employee sets foot on a jobsite they are required to attend an extensive safety orientation. This training empowers each and every attendee with the right and responsibility to stop or refuse work if it puts them or anyone else in a potentially dangerous situation.

Employees are pivotal in creating and sustaining our company’s safety culture. At S&Y, we believe by involving, educating, and empowering each employee that our culture, our careers, and our company, will flourish.

Our Safety Fundamentals

Fundamental to our safety approach is a set of guidelines that helps ensure that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day. This includes wearing safety glasses, hard hats, and gloves, as well as stretching, proactive planning, and completing daily hazard forms. At S&Y, employee safety is our highest priority!


*Contact your local painters/carpenters union for more information on the apprenticeship program.

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