Do you have a commercial project in Duluth, Minnesota and are looking for a reliable painting contractor?

Depending on the size of your project, you may be looking at spending thousands, or possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars, on paint and labor.

This isn’t something to take lightly, you need to choose a painting contractor for your project, but how?

The first rule of thumb when choosing a contractor, the bigger the project, the more time and effort you should put into finding the right one for you.

With over 70 years in the painting industry and nearly 300 expert tradespeople on staff, we have completed work on everything from small offices and apartment buildings; to massive stadiums and industrial projects.

We understand the special requirements and demands of commercial projects and have optimized our process to minimize disruption and downtime while completing projects within budget and on time.

We also understand we may not be a perfect fit for every project. In our mission to be the most reliable painting contractor in Minnesota, we’ve compiled a list of other commercial painting contractors in the Duluth, Minnesota area you may want to contact.


Lakehead Painting:

With over 45 years in the painting industry, Lakehead is one of the leading commercial painting contractors in Duluth. They perform both industrial and commercial work.  In the industrial sector, they specialize in crude oil storage tanks, refineries, paper mills, ships, and bridge work.  On the commercial side, they work on churches, schools, banks, malls and small businesses.

Regional Contracting & Painting:

Founded in 2007, this young company’s focus is to exceed their clients’ commercial and industrial painting needs by working side by side with the client to assure the job is done right the first time.  Their services include commercial painting, wallcovering, decorating, industrial painting and light commercial construction.

Lake Superior Painting:

Established in 1993, Lake Superior Painting’s attention to detail on commercial projects puts them at the top for contractors to work within the Duluth area. Their areas of expertise are in the commercial painting and wallcovering industries.  They offer a wide range of painting and wallcovering services.

Northland Painting:

In 1980, two local Duluth men formed what is now Northland Painting.  Their continued commitment to success has made them one of the best and largest commercial painting contractors in the Duluth area.  Not only do they offer commercial interior and exterior painting services they also have expertise in industrial coatings and commercial flooring areas.

Steinbrecher Painting:

Formed in 1990, this firm has grown from a small commercial contractor to an industry leading commercial painting contractor. They have the experience and the expertise to complete even the most complex of projects. They offer commercial and industrial painting services along with wallcoverings, floor coatings, wall graphics, and murals.

You may have noticed that all the contractors on this list state they are both commercial and industrial painting contractors, but how do you know if a project is commercial or industrial?


Simply put, most contractors consider a commercial project to be anything that has to do with painting/wallcovering the interior or exterior of a commercial building. This typically consists of painting drywall, doorframes, and concrete. Complexes or buildings that we would consider as commercial projects are:

  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools


Industrial projects can be a bit more complex and may require the person applying the coatings to be certified and trained before the application can begin.

A certification that may be required is SSPC QP1.  This certification acts as a safety net for facility owners hiring an industrial painting contractor knowing that they have been properly trained to perform surface preparations and coating application in the field on complex industrial structures.

Projects that would be considered industrial would be:

  • Petrochemical
  • Power generation facilities
  • Storage Tanks
  • DOT (bridgework, noise/sound walls, retaining walls)
  • Food and beverage facilities

Whether it’s a commercial or industrial project that you are looking to have completed, it’s always best to contact multiple contractors to ensure you find the right fit for you.

At Swanson & Youngdale we work hard to ensure every project exceeds our customers’ expectations.  To learn more about our company, or to speak with us about a project, call us today.